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Trumpet, String Quartet and Organ


Commissioned by Odd Pearls


The main idea of this composition (commissioned by Odd Pearls) was to retweet an old composition. I did some research on the net and found Monteverdi’s SV 140, Ohimè dove il mio ben (ofcourse the number 140 is important here). I took material of this composition to create retweet by using three horizontal construction layers. The first one, played by organ, is almost completely similar to the original material. The second one, played by stringquartet, exists of chords from the original material and chords I made, with small variations of used motifs. The third construction layer is played by the trumpet and has melodies from the original material, and added to that my own melodic lines and variations. Together, these three ‘construction’ layers form a unity, wherein the original material merges, develops, and/or clashes with my own material.



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‘Retweet' is published by DONEMUS: buy here


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